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Beef & Sundried Tomato Burgers x 4

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4 Beef & Sundried Tomato Burgers

4 x 4oz lean Beef & Sundried Tomato Burgers. A taste sensation in your mouth.

Made in by our butchers, these burgers will leave your mouth watering and wanting more. 

Serving Suggestion: 

The Italian Job

Cook your burger, top with mozzerrella cheese, tomato and balsamic vinegar. Add to your bun and you'll soon realise you need more than one.

Contains WHEAT (GLUTEN), Sulphates 

Buying top quality Beef / Lamb

We sell delicious 4 Beef & Sundried Tomato Burgers from our farms Butcher's Shop in Scotland and online with delivery to most places in the UK. If you are looking top quality Beef / Lamb, don't miss out on our top deals.