Achieving great results from roasting shouldn't be stressful!

Beef Made Easy

Weigh the raw joint and calculate the cooking time using the table below to ensure the meat is cooked to your liking.

  • Take the meat out of the fridge and allow to room temperature well in advance or for at least 30 minutes beforecooking. This will help the meat to cook evenly.
  • Position the oven shelves so the meat is in the centre of the oven.
  • Preheat your oven to the required cooking temperature.
  • Place the joint uncovered on a wire rack in a roasting tin ensuring any fat is on the top. This allows the juices to run down and baste the joint naturally.
  • Allow the joint to rest in a warm place for at least 10 minutes after cooking to let the meat fibres relax and juices distribute evenly so the joint is moist and tender all the way through.

Taste and ovens vary so much that the following timings are only a suggestion.  You may already know the combination of temperature and timing that works best for you so please continue to use them.  (Please also note that these times do not allow for fan assisted ovens so please lower temperatures as appropriate). 

Meat thermometers are easy to use and take the guesswork out of roasting. We use the type that insert in the thickest point or centre of the joint.  Just cook until the desired internal temperature is reached; as a quick reference cooked beef internal temperatures should be as follows:

Rare - 60°C, Medium - 70°C, Well Done - 80°C

  Minutes per lb Minutes Per KG Gas Mark oC oF
Rare 10/lb + 20 mins 25/kg + 20 mins Gas 6 200oC 400oF
Medium 15/lb + 20 mins 35/kg + 20 mins Gas 6 200oC 400oF
Well Done 20/lb + 20 mins 45/kg + 20 mins Gas 6 200oC 400oF