Lean Steak Mince 3x1lb &
Diced Steak 2x1lb


Lean Steak Mince 5x1lb
(5x454g) Pack


Lean Steak Mince


Lean Steak Mince
1lb (454gm)


Diced Steak 5x1lb
(5x454g) Pack


Diced Steak 1kg


Diced Steak 1lb

New Product

Beef Bourguignon

New Product

Gourmet Beef


Beef Lorne Whole


1/2 Steak Lorne


Steak Lorne Whole


Jalapeno Steak Lorne
8 slices


Black Lorne 8


1/2 beef lorne


Extra Lean Steak Lorne
4 slices


Cheese & Onion Burgers
x 4


Chilli Steak Burgers
x 4


Lamb Smoky Maple Chilli
Burgers x 4

New Product

Cracked Black Pepper &
Caramelised Onion


Steak Burgers x 8


Extra Lean Steak
Burgers x4


Scottish Fillet Steak
2x 8oz (approx.)


6oz Ribeye Steaks
x 2


6oz Sirloin Steaks
x 2


6oz Sirloin Steaks
x 4


16oz T Bone Steak


Ultimate Rump Steak
1kg (2.2lb)


6oz Ribeye Steaks
x 4


Rolled Sirloin Joint


Minute Steak 1lb


Minute Steak 3x


Italian Steak Meatballs
x 12


Boerewors Sausage


Beef Link Sausage
3x 400g

£11.97   £10.00

Beef Links with
Caramalised Onion Chutney


Beef Link


Extra Lean Steak
Link Sausages


Centre-Cut Beef Fillet
Joint 1kg


Silverside Roast


Silverside Roast


Topside Roast 1kg


Topside Roast 2kg


1kg Brisket Roasting


2kg Brisket Roasting


2 Rib Bone
In Beef


3 Rib Bone
in Beef


Beef Olives x 4


Steak Pie 1lb (Ready
To Bake)


Steak Pie 2lb (Ready
To Bake)


Steak & Sausage Pie 1lb
(Ready to bake)


Steak & Sausage Pie 2lb
(Ready to bake)

New Product

Steak Round

New Product

Mince Round Bake


Gold Award Individual
Steak Pies


Gourmet Beef Fajitas


Diced Steak 3lb & Mince
2lb Pack


Steak and Haggis


Buy Scotch Beef or Lamb from the award winning Butcher in Scotland, UK

Order premium quality beef or lamb online from our award winning Farm Butcher's shop in Scotland. We sell fresh meat like beef, lamb and other delicious meat with next day delivery to Mainland UK.

All of our beef and lamb comes from selected farmers or approved abattoirs in Scotland visited by us, while a small amount comes from our own farm depending on the time of year.

Our burgers, steak pies etc are made on-site by our team led by head butcher Tommy Cruickshanks.

We pride ourselves on freshness, quality and value and our Family business has been selling quality fresh meat like Beef & Lamb since 1965. When you buy Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb or our other great value fresh meat products from us online, you can either collect it from our Farm Butcher's Shop in Stirling or we can deliver your meat order anywhere to mainland UK with next day delivery options available.

More information, nutrition values and cooking tips can be found in the Beef / Lamb Brochure from the Scotch Butchers Club.

Buying Beef / Lamb across the UK

Beef and Lamb are a source of high-quality protein and nutrients.

At Falleninch Farm we sell all kinds of delicious fresh meat like scotch beef and scotch lamb. So if you're looking for a tasty steak burger, steak mince, steak lorne or a top quality roast, why not try one our highly rated beef and lamb products.

Our most popular items include many delicious products like: Steak Lorne Whole Block, Cheese & Onion Burgers x 4, Steak Burgers x 8, Lean Steak Mince 5x1lb (5x454g) Pack, Beef Lorne Whole Block, Extra Lean Steak Burgers x4, Italian Steak Meatballs x 12, Chilli Steak Burgers x 4, Steak Pie 1lb (Ready To Bake), 1/2 Steak Lorne Block, 6oz Sirloin Steaks x 4, Boerewors Sausage, Beef Olives x 4, Lean Steak Mince 3x1lb & Diced Steak 2x1lb Pack, Gold Award Individual Steak Pies, etc.

  Download Beef / Lamb Price List (pdf)

Orders can be made online or just pop in and shop in our farm butcher's shop. Please ask our friendly expert butchers who will be more than happy to help you out with your requirements.