Silverside Roast 2kg

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2kg Silverside Roast

Popular and economical beef silverside roasting joints with a firm texture

Perfect for a Sunday roast.  Hand cut and rolled in house by our experienced butchers. 

Falleninch cooking recommendation 

Take your meat out of fridge 2 hours before cooking this allows the muscles to relax. Season your meat with salt and pepper. Brown your roast on a frying pan before transferring into a roasting tray, or slow cooker with beef stock. Cook low and slow to your families cooking preference. Serve with your favourite sides.

Look under the sauces ect. section for our Yorkshire pudding mix.

Why not try adding carrots, onion and celery to your pan?

1 roast min 2kg

Buying top quality Beef / Lamb

We sell very tasty 2kg Silverside Roast from our farms Butcher's Shop in Scotland and online with delivery to most places in the UK. If you are looking top quality Beef / Lamb, don't miss out on our scrumptious products.

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