Smoked Prime Back Bacon 3lbs (1.36kg)

Smoked Prime Back Bacon 3lbs (1.36kg)

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Smoked Prime Back Bacon 3lbs (1.36kg)

This great value prime smoked back bacon tastes wonderful any time of the day.

Super versatile, it's great for breakfast or in a sandwich (with brown or tomato sauce!) and adds fantastic flavour to a spaghetti carbonara.

1 pack, 1 x 1.36Kg.

Buying top quality Pork

Although we aim to have all our pork sourced from Scotland, we also have to take into consideration other factors like quality and freshness. Therefore our bacon and some selected pork products come from the Dutch specialists Van Der Mey. Our head farmer Andrew has visited and has been dealing with the family-run business, which has a reputation for quality and expertise for more than 20 years.


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