Chris Duncan's Lean Protein Pack

Chris Duncan's Lean Protein Pack

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Chris Duncan's Lean Protein Pack

A low-fat, high-protein pack for gym junkies!

Hand-picked by UFC Fighter and Falleninch ambassador Chris Duncan, this pack has everything you need to gain muscle while watching your calories.

Our highest-protein, lowest-fat cuts, perfect for:

• Weightlifters
•  Gym-goers
• Anyone getting into shape while staying strong

This is the pack Chris loves during his training camps - Here's what's inside:

•  6 x Chicken Fillets 
•  4x Sirloin Steaks
•  12 x Free Range Eggs
•  1x Pack of 12 Italian Steak Meatballs 
•  1x Pack Extra-Lean Lorne Sausage (4 slices)
•  4x Low-Fat Steak Burgers
• 1lb of Lean Diced Steak
• 1lb of Lean Mince
• 1x Pack Extra-Lean Steak Links Sausage
• 1x Chicken Links Sausage 

You save £8.94 with this pack compared to buying the items individually!

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