Free Range Eggs x 12

Free Range Eggs x 12

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Free Range Eggs x 12

Cracking eggs. Fantastic quality eggs with bright yolks.

Great quality free-range eggs, enjoy the freshness and flavour.

1 dozen eggs.


Supplied by Corrie Mains Farm - an award-winning family business run by Jim and Anne Smillie, established in 1996. Two miles from Mauchline on the B743 heading towards Sorn, hey pride themselves in providing their hens with 5-star facilities. Happy hens = quality eggs. Try for yourself and taste the difference!

Buying top quality Breakfast

Recipes containing Free Range Eggs x 12

  • Pork Milanese
    Alternative to the classic Chicken Milanese - we served it with pasta in a red pepper arrabiata sauce but would be just as delicious with roast potatoes and veg of your choice. This recipe contains 1 Scottish Free Range Egg.
  • Chicken Curry and Fried Rice
    Classic Chinese Curry, with egg fried rice the perfect fakeaway! This recipe contains 1-2 Free range eggs (you can add more if you wish).

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