Free Range Eggs x 12

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Free Range Eggs x 12

Cracking eggs. Fantastic quality eggs with bright yolks.

Great quality free-range eggs, enjoy the freshness and flavour.

1 dozen eggs.


Supplied by Corrie Mains Farm - an award-winning family business run by Jim and Anne Smillie, established in 1996. Two miles from Mauchline on the B743 heading towards Sorn, hey pride themselves in providing their hens with 5-star facilities. Happy hens = quality eggs. Try for yourself and taste the difference!

Buying top quality Breakfast

We sell very tasty Free Range Eggs x 12 from our farms Butcher's Shop in Scotland and online with delivery to most places in the UK. If you are looking top quality Breakfast, don't miss out on our scrumptious products.

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