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Johnston's Homemade

New Product

Panko Breadcrumbs


Peppercorn Sauce


Taste of Goodness
Secret Sauce


Peri Peri Glaze


Chinese Curry Mix


Salt & Pepper
Seasoning 250g


Falleninch Farm Gravy

New Product

Freezer Bags x


Goldfish Katsu Curry


Goose Fat 140g


Potts Cranberry Sauce


Sauces, Condiments, Glazes and other products

We sell a wide range of tasty products like: Sauces, Condiments, Glazes, etcetera. These products make a great accompaniment to any of our fresh meat products.

We pride ourselves on freshness, quality and value and our Family business has been selling quality fresh meat since 1965.

Buying Sidebits! across the UK

Our most popular items include many delicious products like: Falleninch Farm Gravy tub, Peppercorn Sauce 250ml, Johnston's Homemade Scottish Tablet, Freezer Bags x 250, Salt & Pepper Seasoning 250g, Chinese Curry Mix, Taste of Goodness Secret Sauce, Goldfish Katsu Curry Sauce, Peri Peri Glaze, Goose Fat 140g, Potts Cranberry Sauce 275g, etc.

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Orders can be made online or just pop in and shop in our farm butcher's shop. Please ask our friendly expert butchers who will be more than happy to help you out with your requirements.